First-Time Moms Have
Higher Depression Risk

A Danish study found first-time mothers to have seven times the risk of psychiatric related hospital admissions during the first 10 to 19 days of their baby’s life. The increase in risk remained throughout the first three months after childbirth, regardless of the age of the mother. Postpartum risk appeared to decrease with subsequent pregnancies.
Mothers-to-be should be made aware of the risks and the symptoms of postpartum depression. Some symptoms, such as poor concentration, extreme tiredness, sleep disturbances, and changes in appetite, are common among new parents, even if they aren’t depressed. But other symptoms, such as persistent anxiety or irrational fears, recurrent thoughts of dying or preoccupation with death, and thoughts of harming yourself or your baby, should never be ignored.
The Journal of the American Medical Association, Dec., 2006